Crown lengthening is a procedure in which Dr. Brenegan removes gum tissue to expose a greater amount of the tooth. This is done by separating the gums from the teeth using small incisions around the gums. This allows him to have access to the tooth structures. Once the desired amount of the tooth structure has been exposed, the doctor cleans it before using sutures to close the surgical site. This procedure can be used for two main reasons: esthetic crown lengthening or functional crown lengthening.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Esthetic crown lengthening is often completed to help correct a gummy smile. This occurs when the gums cover too much of the tooth, making it appear smaller or shorter than it should be. This can have a direct impact on a person’s smile and possibly their confidence level. Correcting the gums using crown lengthening can help you have a more natural smile.

Functional Crown Lengthening

Functional crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that may be required if you break a tooth below the gum line, or if a restoration requires a greater amount of tooth structures to be exposed for proper support. The goal of this type of procedure is to adjust the gum line to give your general dentist the room they need to properly restore full function to the area.