Periodontal Disease is not a very well-known disease. In fact, because of this, gums are often overlooked and under cared for. If people knew the vital role that gums played and the danger periodontal disease presents, maybe it would be taken more seriously.

When it comes down to factual or fictional information regarding your periodontal health, it’s important to have a reliable source. Being well informed gives you the tools you need to take the steps necessary in preventing this disease. Below, we compiled a list of the top three myths surrounding Periodontal Disease.

Myth #1 Treatment is painful:  FALSE! Although the disease itself can sometimes be painful, the treatments we offer don’t have to be. In fact, there are a variety of anesthesia options that you can choose from to comfort you during the procedure, so that you’ll feel little to nothing!

Myth #2 Antibiotics can cure the disease: Again, FALSE! Although there is no harm in using antibiotics to ease the pain and discomfort that you’re feeling, the medication doesn’t fully treat the disease and just temporarily masks the problem.

Myth #3 Periodontal Disease is caused ONLY by a lack of oral hygiene:  FALSE! Although prolonged plaque and built up tartar on your teeth can definitely develop into periodontal disease, it doesn’t mean that a lack of oral hygiene is the only cause. In fact, genetics and other medications play a big part in whether or not you are at a higher risk of this disease.