If you have sensitive teeth, chips in your teeth, or loose teeth you may be suffering from bruxism.  Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding or clenching. It can happen while you are awake or while sleeping.

Bruxism can cause teeth to chip or break. It also can make your periodontal disease worse. The force from grinding or clenching can deepen periodontal pockets and loosen teeth. It can also cause gum recession and jaw pain.

Your dental team will evaluate your teeth and gums to see if you may be suffering from bruxism. To prevent further damage and to relieve symptoms, your dental team may recommend an occlusal guard.

An occlusal guard or “night guard” is custom fitted to your upper or lower teeth. Your dental team will take an impression or a scan of your mouth. Your occlusal guard will be fabricated in a dental lab.

We encourage you to bring your occlusal guard to your periodontal maintenance appointments to have it cleaned and checked regularly.