Cosmetic periodontal procedures are designed not only to restore the functional and structural integrity of the teeth and gums but also to restore a more natural appearance and enhance the beauty of a smile. Unlike purely corrective periodontal therapies, cosmetic procedures focus as much on esthetics as on function. Part of the desired result is improving the self-confidence and image of the patient while correcting any dental defects. It is commonplace for us to work in conjunction with your dentist in order to provide the best esthetic outcome.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

If your teeth appear short, or you have a gummy smile, the gums around your teeth may be re-contoured to show a more esthetic proportion of your teeth. This procedure is known as cosmetic crown lengthening, and it can be done on one tooth or several teeth to create a beautiful smile.

Gum Tissue Grafts

Gingival (gum tissue) grafts are used to cover unattractive roots, reduce recession and prevent roots from decay and eventual loss. Gum tissue regeneration and gum grafting are two excellent ways to restore natural symmetry to the gums and make the smile look more aesthetically pleasing.